Minnesota State University Association of Administrative and Service Faculty

Your 2017-2018 State Board

2017-2018 ASF State Board Members
Front (L-R): Tracy Rahim (Winona State, State President), Sarah Olcott (Winona State, Local President), Rich Wheeler (MSU Mankato, State Grievance Officer), Sara Granberg-Rademacker (MSU Mankato, Local President), Shirley Murray (MSU Mankato, State Secretary)

Middle Row (L-R): Joe Hazelton (MSU Moorhead, Local President), Sue Bayerl (St. Cloud State, State Treasurer), Margie Giauque (Bemidji State, Local President), Sue Fust (Metro State, Local President), Angie Witte (St. Cloud State, Local President)

Back (L-R): Tim Alcorn (Southwest Minnesota State, Local President), Jean Clarke (MSU Mankato, State Membership Chair), Jim Anderson (MSU Moorhead, State Past President), Janet Haak (MSU Moorhead, State Legislative Chair), Sami Gabriel (Teamsters Local #320, Business Agent),   Zachary Johnson (Bemidji State, State Vice President)