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February’s General Membership Meeting to be Broadcast

Teamsters Local 320 will webcast its February 9, 2016 general membership meeting for Teamster members statewide. A Local 320 member must request a password to view the meeting. The webcast will begin at 7:00 pm. During the meeting there will be officer reports, union business, and business agent reports in addition to political/legislative and organizing reports. The entire meeting is estimated to last from 45 minutes up to one hour. If you do not have access to a computer you may call in and listen to the meeting using a phone.

Follow the instructions:

Meeting URL: https://www.startmeeting.com/wall/ibt320

US Toll Number: (701) 801-1220

MeetingID: 957-297-693

At the scheduled date and time of the meeting, dial into the conference line. When prompted, enter the meeting ID, followed by the pound key. To join the online meeting, click on the meeting link listed above, then press “Join”. On the next page, complete your name and email address, then press “Submit”.

To request a password to view the general membership meeting, please submit the request here.

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On Tuesday, February 9, Teamsters Local 320 will broadcast its general membership meeting to Teamster members statewide at 7:00 pm. All Teamster members must request a password prior to gaining access to the broadcast.

We are happy to provide Local 320 Teamsters with the opportunity to view the monthly general membership meeting! We hope this helps members to connect with the issues and events that they care about as both Teamsters and public employees.

Legislative Policy/ Lobby Day Survey

Minnesota Teamsters Public & Law Enforcement Employees' Union, Local No. 320, State Of Minnesota

Brothers and Sisters,

Please take a few moments to complete this survey on Local 320’s legislative priorities and Lobby Day 2016.

As we head into the 2016 State Legislative Session on March 8, the state has another projected budget surplus of $2 billion. However, there are some State Legislators who want to spend the surplus through tax cuts for wealthy Minnesotans or to property owners who have lake-front cabins or second homes. Then, there are State Legislators who want to continue investing in vital services such as our court system, education and public safety, in addition to rebuilding the state’s reserves.

All Teamsters have an opportunity to become active participants on this conversation. Please take few moments and complete this survey.