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Last Time to Act!

Last-POPNext week the Finance Conference Committee comprised of House and Senate Legislators will meet to decide the fate of the MnSCU supplemental budget.  Currently, the House version has the FY 2016-17 funding provided, which is needed for our settlements, while the Senate version does not. These meetings are extremely critical for our efforts!

Once the Conference Committee adjourns there will be no more negotiations over the MnSCU budget and we will have no further opportunities to lobby for additional funding. This could very well be the last time we will call on you to act. 

Please use the action button to send a message to MnSCU budget Conference Committee members. You may edit and personalize the form letter. In fact, we encourage you to do so. You must keep your message cordial. We need the support of the Conferees if we are to protect our funding.

You do not have to provide a salutation on your message as one is already provided. “Dear Senator.” You do not have to sign off as your message will end with “Sincerely.” The information you fill out on the form will post to your message as sender when it is received.

Share this message with as many ASF members as possible! This message is critical for our collaboration and lobbying efforts.

In solidarity,
Teamsters Local 320

Teamsters: Take Action!


The Minnesota House of Representatives is taking up H.F. No. 3014 (law designed to protect public sector workers’ rights).

This bill would create a Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) under the Bureau of Mediation Services. The Board would handle Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) charges (listed under PELRA) administratively, replacing the current practice of handling ULP charges through the district courts. This bill would only apply to public employment—not the private sector—private sector employees are covered under the National Labor Relations Act.

PELRA (179A.13) lists unfair labor practices by employers and unions. ULP charges can be brought by unions against employers, employers against unions, or individuals against employers and/or unions. The current process of bringing charges through district court is very expensive, cumbersome and time consuming. Individuals or organizations bringing charges need to hire attorneys, and the typical cost is $50,000 to $75,000, and it can take years to get a decision. This makes the current process of going through the courts prohibitively expensive for individuals, unions, and even small public employers.

When a ULP is handled administratively, the party bringing the charges does not have to have an attorney, and typically spends around $5,000 to bring a charge. Parties bring charges do not need an attorney. In states that use an administrative system like this, most charges are either settled or dismissed for lack of merit at the investigative stage—before they even go to a hearing. The timelines are also much quicker than the district court processes.

Contact your Representatives now and tell them to support H.F. No. 3014!

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You may edit and personalize the form letter. You do not have to provide a salutation on your message as one is already provided. You do not have to sign off as your message will end with “In solidarity.” The information you fill out including your name will post to your message when it is received.