Minnesota State University Association of Administrative and Service Faculty


State Constitution

This past year, a work group within the State MSUAASF Board was assembled to revise the State MSUAASF Constitution and By-laws as neither document had been significantly reviewed for several years. Per a recommendation from the State Board at its March 23-24, 2017, meeting, several constitutional amendments are presented to you for ratification.

Summary of Proposed State MSUAASF Constitution Changes

  • Several changes were made to reformat the constitution to provide clarity and easier reading.
  • All specific procedures for removing officers, initiatives and referendums, and elections and balloting (including master contract ratification) were removed and will be housed in the State MSUAASF By-laws. This allows these procedures to be changed, if necessary, without going through the balloting process of amending the constitution.
  • Under the section on committees, the President’s Council, Grievance Committee, Statewide Membership Committee were removed as they are no longer being used; an Audit Committee was created; and the Statewide Legislative Affairs Committee description was revised to provide clarity on the role and scope of the campus legislative representatives and the committee chair.
  • The scope and coverage for indemnification will be housed in the State MSUAASF By-laws. The general description was revised and remains in the constitution.


Original Constitution[pdf]

Updated Proposed New Constitution [pdf]