Minnesota State University Association of Administrative and Service Faculty

Salary Negotiations

Potential Employees Salary Negotiations
The salary you receive is based on three criteria- position range, your years of credited experience, and step placement. Position range is determined by the responsibilities delineated in the job description. Rang A is the lowest; Range E is the highest. Potential employees cannot negotiate for a higher range assignment. Potential employees are credited for prior years of  service in equal or higher level positions in ASF or the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) system. You also receive credit for years of experience are calculated by the Human Resources Office. Check to be sure your experience is appropriately credited. Your years if ASF or MnSCU experience and your years of credited experience will determine your, target step within your rang assignment.

There are 20 steps in each range. Step one is the lowest salary within a range; Step 20 is the highest. The target step determines a target for the initial salary offer, however, the employer may offer you an initial salary of up to two steps above the target step. For example if your range and experience indicated your target step should be step 4, you may be able to negotiate a starting salary at
the 5 or 6 levels. Step placement is critical. Your initial step placement
is the basis for calculating all future salary increases.